TJ Eastmond

Father, Husband, and Engineering Leader in Hazlet, NJ, United States

I’ve been going at this software thing for almost eighteen years now. My first full-time gig was in the startup world, mainly e-commerce. I’ve also had the chance to work with media brands (SPIN), a bit of fintech, and recently a lot of data engineering.

JavaScript has been my weapon of choice for the last ten years, but I recently made the jump to Go and find myself writing a bit more Python and SQL these days.

In my current role as the Senior Engineering Manager, Data with I’ve been having a blast building a fantastic team of Analysts, Data, and API Engineers, then rolling out some excellent analytics and insights. Our data pipeline consists of Snowflake, DBT, Airflow, Python, and a touch of Go.

When I’m not working, you’d likely find me spending time with my wife, daughter, and our cats Chewy and Pogo. You might catch me reading, writing, gaming, watching some Bob’s Burgers, and getting in a match of HearthStone. We live on the Jersey Shore and love it.

You should check out my LinkedIn and always feel free to reach out.

  • Work
    • Lunchbox, Jirafe, SPIN
I had the pleasure of being mentored/led by TJ for over 5 years and it was a great experience. Insightful, always willing to help, constantly pushing himself to learn and incorporate current code trends, which in turn inspired and motivated others around him. TJ is always looking out for others on his team and making sure we had a good work environment. 10/10, would work with again.
Tey Taghiyev
TJ is second to none with his technical leadership abilities and fluent knowledge in many front-end and back-end web technologies. He's able to understand the content of any of the projects under his management and knows how to delegate knowledge leadership to engineering leads. It was a pleasure working with TJ and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an exceptional Software Engineering Manager!
Greg Bernard - Senior Data Engineer
I've never worked with someone who was so good at building a talented team of developers, motivating and empowering them to get things done, and exceeding expectations in a fast-paced, dynamic environment. TJ understands developers because he is an accomplished developer in his own right who leads by example in the way he scopes out, designs, and builds practical, elegant solutions.
Dannel Albert